Student Pledge

Lindop is a place of learning. Our students are responsible and positive members of our school community.

Lindop students are:

  • Trustworthy
    • Demonstrate honesty
    • Have the courage to do the right thing
    • Build a good reputation
  • Responsible
    • Do what they are expected to do
    • Keep on trying to do not give up
    • Always do their best
    • Think before they act
    • Are accountable for their choices and actions
  • Respectful
    • Treat others with respect - the way they want to be treated
    • Use good manners and language
    • Are considerate of others' feelings
    • Deal peacefully with anger, insults, conflicts and disagreements
  • Caring
    • Are kind
    • Show they care
    • Forgive others
    • Help people in need
  • Fair
    • Play by the rules
    • Take turns and share
    • Are open-minded and listen to others
    • Accept responsibility for their actions
  • Citizens
    • Are good neighbors
    • Obey rules
    • Respect authority
    • Respect school property and the school environment
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