Dr. Emily Betz

Dr. Betz

Lindop School District 92

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

[email protected]

Dear Lindop Families and Community,

The 2022-2023 school year is going to be an amazing time of growth and learning for every child on our campus. As Curriculum Director, it is my mission to ensure that every child can concretely envision his or her future role as a contributing member of our community. I always tell my colleagues that Lindop has the best children in the state. Their delight in learning make us who we are as a community of curious knowledge-seekers. Our children are authors, scientists, journalists, animators, creators, and critical thinkers. Together, in partnership with our families, our children can do anything and be anything. And, it all starts here in our community.

This school year will bring many successes for Lindop. Our systems are becoming more organized and the science behind our instruction and our students' learning is coming into sharper focus. If you have a child in pre-school or elementary school, take time each night to read together. You will be amazed at the connections your child is making and their ability to think about what they see, hear, and read. Did you know that our elementary school students follow a sequence of exploratory specials courses and have the opportunity to take Spanish, Art, and Music each school year? Our children are immersed in opportunities at Lindop.

In addition to our elementary school course offerings, we have a variety of amazing opportunities for our middle school children. If you have a middle school student, please consider the possibility of enrolling your child in one of our five high school credit courses offered to 8th graders on campus. Some of these classes begin as early as 7th grade. We want to set our Lindop children up to pursue college dual credit in their later high school years by giving them a head start on our campus when they are in middle school. In addition to high school credit courses offered here at Lindop, each middle school student is able to select from a variety of electives within their grade levels, including creative writing, horticulture, engineering, forensics, financial literacy, debate and public speaking, art animation, music appreciation, and Spanish.

I am truly proud of our children, and our community. Together, I know that we can do anything to ensure our children succeed. This is our moment to let our children shine and begin to pursue their dreams.

If you have any feedback or questions about the curriculum at Lindop, please reach out to me.

In partnership,

Dr. Emily Betz

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