schoolLindop SD 92, also known as the Edmund F. Lindop School, was created April 6, 1885. In later years certain territories were detached from this district to form District 92 1/2 and District 94.  

The first building to house the Lindop School was located at 22nd Avenue and Salt Creek. The school was moved from here to a residence at 2400 South 17th Avenue, Broadview, in 1931. Miss Marguerite Baumgartner was the teacher. The enrollment was 14 pupils.

In 1935, a one-room building was constructed on the site of the present Lindop School.  This building was known as the Proviso Grade School. The one-room building was soon out-grown and it was necessary to transport pupils to schools in District 89, Maywood, and pay tuition for them. Later five rooms were rented in the Stevenson School, Forest Park, and youngsters were transported there along with five teachers.  

Through a government loan and a bond issue, it was possible to build a four-room addition to the one-room structure in 1944. This was ready for occupancy December 1.  The second addition to this building was begun in 1946 and consisted of a gym and six classrooms.  In 1949, four classrooms were added south of the gym area.  In 1951 a second floor above the last previous addition was built. It consisted of five classrooms.  The year  1955 saw the completion of another addition of eight classrooms at the extreme south end of the building. There were a total of 26 classrooms. The need for a library, a speech correction room, and a counselors' room resulted in the addition which was started in 1961.The former office area was converted into the library while the speech correction room, counselor's room and new office area were added at the extreme north end. The architect for this addition was Kefer and Cronin of Chicago. The builder was I. J. Tyson, Inc., of Broadview. In the late 1940s Real estate Developer Edmund F. Lindop donated land to the school. The name Edmund F. Lindop School was substituted for the name Proviso Grade School in the fall of 1947.

In 1964 there were 670 pupils at Lindop School, a teaching staff of 26 classroom teachers, one instrumental music teacher, one vocal music teacher, a physical education teacher, a librarian, a speech correctionist, a counselor, and a nurse.  In 2023 there are around 315 students attending Lindop School.

Lindop District 92 boundaries are west of Gardner Rd., South of Roosevelt Rd., North of 19th St. and west of 9th Ave.



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